Espresso Machine is a recording studio in Athens, Ga and the homebase of Maserati, Cinemechanica and Bit Brigade drummer Mike Albanese. Core principles include keeping the space cost-effective enough to afford my clients sufficient time to sonically stretch a little, and a flexibility of approach in both engineering and production. In short, I'm equally comfortable diving into arrangement, sound sculpting  and performance, ala Dave Fridmann, as I am with selecting just the right mic for the perfect document of a band's live performance, ala Steve Albini ... and genuinely enjoy a healthy balance of both in my day to day. 

Since its inception in 2009, the Espresso Machine space has also seen a healthy amount of impromtu (read: panic'd) ensembles carefully assembled to tackle difficult last minute licensing bids for everything from Michael Mann's Black Hat, to a major Canadian airline commercials, an Xbox Kinect spaghetti western and a losing bid doing electro Creedence Clearwater for the Jesse Pinkmen helmed bomb, A Need For Speed (lost in the final edit to Wyclef. Thanks alot, Wyclef.)  I am also available for remotely arranging and performing drums and after some consulting, will deliver with an extremely quick turnaround and formidable arsenal of snares, kicks, cymbals and toms to find the sounds you are envisioning.

I built this space. I laid the floor. I learned to drywall. I terminated an absurd number of TRS connectors. It's been eight years since I finished construction, and its been consistently full of some of the most diligently creative folks you could ever want to make records with. 

For this, I am grateful.

Come make a record. It's going to go super great. 

~Mike Albanese